Webinar: A School’s Journey to Standards-based Grading

Monday, March 12, 2018 @ 4:00 pm EDT

Register to be a part of an online conversation between Rachel Levine Marcotte of Colegio Jorge Washington in Cartagena, Colombia to discuss their implementation of Standards Based Grading.  They’ll touch on things that went well, pitfalls to avoid, and the design of their new Standards Based report card.  Please join us, and send any advance questions you’d like them to address to jung@studentgrowth.org.

Rachel Levine Marcotte is a National Board Certified Teacher who teaches third grade and serves as Lead Assessment Teacher at Colegio Jorge Washington in Cartagena, Colombia. She holds a BFA from The Art Institute of Chicago and a Master of Education from The University of Illinois at Chicago. She began her career at arts education based nonprofits. She then became a classroom teacher in 2004, working first in Chicago Public Schools and now at Jorge Washington.
Lee Ann provides support internationally to schools in inclusion, standards-based grading, intervention planning, and progress monitoring. She has worked in education since 1994 in the roles of teacher, administrator, consultant, and professor.
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