Our interactive workshops and institutes are designed to offer participants information and skills that can be immediately used in their schools and classrooms. Workshops and Institutes are delivered by experts in the field and are engaging, collaborative, and packed with useful content.

    • Workshops are 1-6 hours in duration and designed to provide an introduction to a new topic or intense work on a small piece of content.
    • Institutes are 2-5 days in duration and lead to in-depth knowledge and skills on a single topic.
    • Conferences include options for both workshops and institutes from which participants choose.

Below are descriptions and handouts from our workshops and institutes.

SUPPORTING & MEASURING GROWTH of students with learning differences

Teachers are facing unprecedented challenges in providing students with learning differences access to the general curriculum. In this session, participants will learn about an intervention planning and progress-monitoring tool that teams of educators can use with students with learning differences and those receiving tiered intervention in an RTIi model. Participants will learn to take curriculum standards and define measurable goals, individualize evidence-based intervention strategies, and set up easy-to-use, quantitative progress records. The resulting growth plan is one that streamlines intervention and data collection so that they are a natural part of everyday classroom routines.

This session can be delivered as a 2-hour to 1-day workshop, a 2 to 3-day institute, or as a course.

ASSESSMENT, GRADING, & FEEDBACK: a powerful GPS for all learners to succeed

In this interactive session, participants will consider the challenge of leading significant changes in assessment, grading, and feedback necessary to support deep student learning. We will revisit guiding principles of mastery learning and explore ways to use new paradigms, including principles of standards-based learning and grading, to support our assessment practices to prepare learners for lifelong success.

This session can be delivered as a keynote, 2-hour to 1-day workshop, or a 2-3 day institute.

ENGAGING STUDENTS in Standards-Based Learning

In the move to standards-based learning and grading, many questions remain about engaging learners in the transition. How do we motivate students to engage in the content if behavior is no longer reflected in the achievement grade and GPA? How do we promote the approaches to learning we want to see without wielding the powerful carrot of a grade? In this session we will explore the many ways teachers have available to teach and support the behaviors students need to gain to be successful in life.

This session can be delivered as a keynote or 1 to 3-hour workshop.


The curricular rigor in international education poses real challenges for schools aiming to meaningfully include students with disabilities and developmental delays. All too often, the focus of learning support time must be spent ensuring the student completes the high-level assignments required in the subject areas. But where do we find the time to “pause” the hectic schedule and use evidence-based practices to teach the critical skills these students need for long-term success? In this session, participants will engage in group discussion and sharing on this topic after learning 3 necessary components of learning support for meaningful inclusion.

This session can be delivered as a keynote or 2 to 4-hour workshop.


Response to Instruction and Intervention has quickly grown in popularity in schools throughout the world. But many misconceptions and myths remain. In this session, participants will learn about high-powered universal design methods to use in Tier I instruction to support all students’ success. In particular, participants will explore the six models of co-teaching and when to apply each across all age divisions.

This session can be delivered as a keynote or 1 to 3-hour workshop.

HEALTHY GRADING PRACTICES for Students with Learning Differences

Assigning fair and meaningful grades to students with learning differences is a difficult task faced by every teacher. Very little guidance can be found in policy or the field of special education to help teachers with this challenge. In this session, participants will learn about the move to standards-based grading for all learners.Participants will learn to use a 4-step Differentiated Assessment and Grading Model for grading and reporting achievement of students with learning differences in a way that is fair, meaningful, and legally defensible. The model is appropriate for students with disabilities, English learners, and those receiving intensive intervention.

This session can be delivered as a keynote or 1 to 3-hour workshop.

TEAM-BASED DELIVERY OF SUPPORT to Students with Learning Differences

So often it feels as though we need many more specialists to be able to get intervention to everyone who needs that level of support. How can we, with the resources available to us, deliver the intensity of intervention that some of our learners need? After all, more intervention is better, right? In this session, participants will learn about a consultative model of intervention planning and delivery that increases the dosage and impact of intervention.

This session can be delivered as a keynote or 1 to 3-hour workshop.