Courses & Programs
Engage with others in real-world, job-embedded learning.

Our courses are sustained professional learning across a semester and lead to a digital badge certificate or university graduate credit. The courses and we offer address the contemporary issues that educators and leaders are facing in schools today. The activities are job-embedded, ensuring both usefulness and the ability to apply new skills. Courses run from January to May, June-July, and August to December.

Our courses are offered in online formats, providing participants the opportunity to study in a flexible format, virtually, alongside people from around the US and world. Each of our courses uses a mixture of recorded video, live videoconference, discussion boards, and activities that provide sustained engagement in a convenient format for busy education professionals.

International Inclusive Educational Leadership

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Our program in International Inclusive Educational Leadership responds to the critical and growing need for school personnel at international schools to have adequate support in serving students with learning and behavior differences. Our 5-course program prepares general educators, special educators, counselors, educational leaders, and other school personnel to design and deliver effective accommodations, modifications, and interventions within general education settings. Participants can choose from three participation options: Complete all five courses as experience only, complete the courses and a set of job-embedded activities for a digital badge in International Inclusive Educational Leadership from the ASCD Student Growth Center, or complete all requirements for university-level credit.

Healthy Assessment and Grading

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In this series of courses launching in the 2018-2019 academic year, participants consider the challenge of leading significant changes in classroom assessment, grading, and feedback necessary to support deep student learning. We revisit guiding principles of mastery learning and explore ways to use new paradigms, including standards-based learning and grading, to support assessment practices that prepare learners for lifelong success. Participants will learn to use sound measurement principles for grading and reporting achievement of students with learning differences in a way that is fair, meaningful, and legally defensible. We discuss how to engage students to engage in the content once behavior is no longer reflected in the achievement grade and GPA. We explore the many ways teachers have available to teach and support the behaviors students need to gain to be successful in life. Participants evaluate and propose revisions to existing grade books and report cards to reflect the shift to standards-based learning, assessment, and grading.