Audits of Practice
Independent, external audits to improve school practices.
For schools in the US or abroad, we offer independent, external audits to provide schools with recommendations for improvement. We provide audits in two categories: inclusive practices and standards-based grading and learning. Audits are mixed-method studies that include surveys, interviews, focus groups, and document review. Participants in the study include faculty, administrators, parents, and students. Documents reviewed depend upon the nature of the audit and can include IEPs, progress notes, report cards, grade books, grading programs, policies, procedures, mission and vision statements, and webpages. The audit results in a summary of results and concrete recommendations for strengthening practices. Audits are confidential and intended for internal school use for improvement.
Group of young business people working with technology. They are working together and looking at something on a desk. There are desktop computers and laptops. All are casually dressed. Could be a training seminar, or a brainstorming session. Several ethnic groups are represented including African American, mixed race and Caucasian