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How does your school support students with learning differences? Lee Ann Jung and her associates provide a variety of professional learning services designed to help your school meet the needs of students with learning differences. Whether a student has a disability or is performing below grade level because of other reasons, delivering effective support is a challenge faced by every school.

We offer keynotes, breakout sessions, and 1-3 day workshops and institutes. For schools wishing to take an initiative from idea to full implementation, we design customized packages of services that include on-site and online training and support that spans 1-3 years.

Are you an international educator who would like to improve you skills in serving students with learning differences? Our International Inclusive Education Program is a 5-course sequence designed specifically for international schools. The program can benefit general education teachers, special education teachers, educational leaders, counselors, and any school personnel who would like to gain skills in including students with learning differences. Completion of the program leads to a digital badge in International Inclusive Education.

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