Training: Learn to write meaningful, measurable goals with GoalWorks.

“Apply yourself. Get all the education you can, but then, by God, do something. Don’t just stand there, make it happen.”
Lee Iacocca

GoalWorks is an education driven approach to software encompassing in-app educator training tools, professional development opportunities and was created based on 14 years of evidence based research in intervention strategies by our co-founder Dr. Lee Ann Jung.

Training Educators within the GoalWorks Platform

As most teachers know, lifelong learning is a crucial educational mindset and because of that GoalWorks was created to be more than just a software platform–it is a learning strategy. We have in fact built training right into the software! GoalWorks was designed as a strategy for student progress first and teacher training second.

From the very first screen, GoalWorks gives you in-app instructions with best practice intervention strategies from Dr. Jung, our co-founder and Director of Education, for improving the growth planning process. All stake-holders in the growth process can also communicate with questions on strategy and implementation right within the platform so that educators can learn from each other.

Features that are coming soon include short video tutorials that you will find linked to within the GoalWorks app on topics such as “How To Write Individualized Goals”, “Why Intervention and Progress Monitoring?”, “How To Set Measurable Benchmarks” and many more. Other resources such as articles, research, books and more will also be recommended right within the app.

In addition, everytime you click the LeeAnnIcon icon, you will see tips from Dr. Jung for improving the IEP process.

Professional Learning Services

We recognize the need for professional development to enhance and increase the education and training of educators on intervention planning, goals, and measuring the progress of struggling students. Led by Dr. Jung, GoalWorks offers many options to train your team on both the use of the GoalWorks platform, but more importantly on best practices and researched strategies to obtain optimum outcomes for students.

  1. One-On-One Consulting
  2. Video Conference
  3. Email Educational Support
  4. Live Group Training Sessions
  5. Special Event Learning Days