Teamwork: GoalWorks unifies the entire growth team to the common purpose of driving student growth.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
Helen Keller

Educational success with struggling students relies on supportive educators, families, and school systems with communication and transparency being key to a positive outcome. It’s important that schools and districts be proactive when it comes to communicating and sharing intervention data with parents. It’s all about making information about your student’s progress easy to access and understand.

The GoalWorks platform collects all the data on a students growth and makes this information accessible to all those on a student’s growth team team including parents, teachers and school administrators enabling them to stay connected so that they can adapt their strategies to the needs of the student. It also ensures that schools stay FERPA compliant.

  • For Teachers

    • Enter student data on any device from anywhere via the cloud.
    • Updates all graphs automatically, giving real-time feedback on how each student is progressing.
    • Keeps all student progress data in one convenient location.
    • Easy data export to excel and .pdf.
    • Data entered once either into the digital IEP or to the student goals page automatically populates to both places, saving time and effort.

  • For Administrators

    • Real-time data analysis across classrooms, schools, and districts.
    • Get statistics by goal categories.
    • All data kept secure.

  • For Families

    • View student progress in real-time.
    • Take additional observations at home.
    • Communicate directly with the team through a message board focused on each student.

  • For Students

    • Unifying the student’s team and their communications with their educational goals and progress data provides every student opportunity for accelerated academic growth.
    • Advanced students can be given their own login account to view and monitor their progress.
    • If the team desires, students can help set their own goals for the year.