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Why Do Parents Need To Know All of This Anyway?

In IEP, Learning Differences, Parent Voices by Nicole DeZarn0 Comments

Before becoming the mother of three children with very different disabilities, I was a special educator. In many ways, my experience informed my decision making and parenting. Occasionally, however, I admit that it makes me wince. One of these wince-worthy areas is in parent communication. In my defense, I had close relationships with my students’ parents, and many of them …

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Going Gradeless and Special Education

In Grading, IEP by Lee Ann Jung0 Comments

Grading and reporting have been a hot topic in education in recent years, spawning a move to grading practices that are grounded in standards, competencies, or proficiency, depending on the language of the state. The idea has been if we ensure that our grades are based on clear standards, then the meaning of the grade is more accurate and clear. …

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Can we do better than the title, “Case Manager?”

In IEP, Learning Differences, Parent Voices by Lee Ann Jung1 Comment

Usually, when I submit a post to the blog, I’m primarily wearing my hat as a special education scholar. I see my place as to translate recommended practices and research into doable steps and effective professional learning experiences and courses for educators and leaders. But today, I’m writing as a parent, and as a person with a background in early …